Michael Dolsey- 10 8' Bam Bam
Michael Dolsey- 10 8' Bam Bam
  • Wide, stable shape, Full deckcoverage, multi tone traction pad, great for paddle fit,yoga, or paddling with kids or pets. .
  • Fins- 8" cnter box fin, 2-G3 side fins for better control and tracting options.
  • 4 deck tie down plugs, for gear or PFDs,Camera mount and leash plug

MSRP: $1399      Our Price: $1099.99 

Michael Dolsey- 10"6' Dolsey Glider
Michael Dolsey- 10"6' Dolsey Glider
  • A real full lengthdeck traction pad- 3-tone. nose to tail. (think paddle fit, or pet top)
  •  2 Camera, 2 security, 10 gear and 1 leash plug
  •  Large center carrying handle.
  •  CNC cut EPS core/blank bonded with super strong ABS skin.
  •   Kevlar reinforced rail
  •  Super durable ABS carbon is the *most ding resistant 
  •  Rail saver ABS tape, to protect from paddle damage. 
  •  10 deck gear plugs. Great for coolers, anchor, fishing rod holders, PFDs etc...
  •  Rear tie-down plugs, anchor points for securing gear, or and E-Fin battery.  
  •  9" center box fin and Available with side fins, for better tracking. 

MSRP:$999.99                  Our Price: $899.99