First Sale of the 2019 season!

We welcome you to the gorgeous Historic Swansboro, North Carolina!

Swansboro, North Carolina has become the prime destination for all paddlers in the surrounding area. There are 4 main reasons why. It's one of the most scenic destinations on the east coast, prime shark's teeth hunting, the southern hospitality, and last but not least, its affordable!

"First time paddle boarding and we had the best experience possible. Their hours are perfect for any schedule and the fact their pricing is flexible and you could start paddle boarding on site was amazing. Perfect for dates or family trips and would definitely recommend to anyone."

Swansboro Paddle 076

100% recommend Swansboro Paddle Boarding & Kayaking! I had a great experience the morning of June 5. Instructors Carson and Luke were extremely helpful in teaching me how to both kayak and paddle-board, and they were extremely fun to hang out with! I am planning on coming back many times— and bringing along friends! 10/10 recommend!

"I went kayaking for the first time a few weeks ago and rented here. I had such a great and fun experience that now I’m hooked!!! Swansboro Paddle Boarding is fun, affordable and by all means extremely friendly. It’s a terrific set up!!! I look forward to many more adventures with them."

What we offer.

Paddleboard Rentals

SUP, better known as
Stand Up Paddleboarding is an extraordinary way of experiencing the beautiful waters and private islands of our wonderful North Carolina Coast! Come have a great day of family fun while enjoying the beautiful scenery all around! (Safety and Instructional Lesson Included with purchase of rental)

Kayak Rentals

Come kayak through the marshes and over to the many islands the White Oak River has to offer. Kayaking is a great way to relax on the water and enjoy the scenery surrounding you. We hope to see you soon! (Safety and Instructional Lesson Included with purchase of rental)

Guided Tours

In need of a relaxing day out with the family? Look no further. This trip is for you! Here is a list of different tours we offer.

  • Shark's Tooth and Shell Hunting Expeditions
  • Island Picnicking
  • Island Hopping
  • Eco Tours
  • and even more options coming soon!

We have some of the best guides around (in our opinion). They each thrive off of creating memories and providing that southern hospitality. Beginner or novice, these tours are designed to meet everyone's needs. Each tour comes with a free instructional and safety guide, so no need to stress over being new to paddling or being unsafe! Call and schedule your adventure with us today!

2021 Scenic Sunday Paddle

Tasty Treats

Here at Swansboro Paddle Boarding we now have everyone's favorite treat, Dippin' Dots! We offer every flavor you can think of: Cotton Candy, Chocolate, Rainbow, Banana Split, Vanilla, Cookies 'N Cream, and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough! Come by and have a sweet treat with us today!



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